The Importance of a Good Logo

When creating a name for itself, which is to say building a brand, it is very important to choose the proper name. More important, however, is to create a good logo. Why is having a logo so important?

It Tells a Story

A logo is more than just a word or picture. It is a creative way of broadcasting the message and the mission of the company in question. A logo gives you the basic idea of what values and traits the company advocates, be it family values, protecting nature, strength, dependability, youth, power, or something completely different.

In fact, you often don’t need a complex ad campaign or, more likely, you are not yet there that you can afford it. The first step is designing a logo that the users can associate with your brand and let the ad campaigns come later. The logo is the company’s banner under which its employees ride into battle.

A Good Logo Seizes Attention

Creating a logo that is witty and charming can be what turns the odds in your favor. Take into account numerous logos displaying two things at once or employing a minimalistic approach that still gets the message across.

The attention span of the average person is barely counted in seconds anymore. You need to come up with a log that shows your idea and the most effective, yet simple, way possible. Logos represent the brand, so the more memorable the logo, the more people approach the brand. Ask yourself how many times you went with a more expensive option when it came to goods and services when there were much cheaper options available? It’s the brand and its logo.

Logo Change

This is a subject that needs to be approached with extreme caution. It is perfectly natural to want to change over time. In fact, it would be fair to say that it is necessary in order to progress. The problem arises if you do it the wrong way. Not only that but changes that happen too frequently show inconsistency and lack of stability.

That being said, periodical change can be nice, especially with the newest version of the product or service. Take Microsoft, for example. There have been more than ten different logos for Windows, with both gradual and drastic changes.


Do not be discouraged if your logo doesn’t make people do what you want them to. It takes time to build a brand and create brand loyalty. After a while, a business gets stronger and richer and people start to associate the logo with that success. It is only a matter of time before the logo becomes even more famous than the brand without it.