Sports Graphic Designer – What They Are And How Can You Become One?

New career choices have been brought to life thanks to the development of technology and overall investment into various industries. The sports industry has been one of the major beneficiaries of the development of technology.

Granted, every industry benefited from the internet, from sports to sports betting. People who enjoy sports betting moved to online sportsbooks, using promo codes and offers similar to the Matchbook Sign Up Offer.

Sports becoming bigger meant that there were more career opportunities for people with various types of education. Graphic design found its way to sports, as well. As a career choice, it is as good as any, if not better than most, given how much money the industry operates with.

Here is what you should know about being a sports graphic designer.

Sports Graphic Design – Is it Different?

Like most graphic design jobs, sports graphic design is not as different as people would make it out to be from other graphic design jobs. Your job remains making a design that is supposed to attract people, just in the context of sports. There are nuances and subtle differences, but nothing so dramatic that it would make sports graphic design stand out among other contextual jobs.

Being a graphic designer means creating anything from logos, posters, promotional material, merchandise material and even website content if you move towards web-design.

Sports Graphics Designer – The Education

Like most jobs, one would first need to learn the basics of the job in order to apply for it. For graphics design, the best place to start is a course, whether at a local university, online or in a private school. Depending on the job in question, having a license might be mandatory.

Given that design is always changing and evolving, it is beneficial to understand that like most jobs, this isn’t something you learn once and then never have to learn again. 

Graphic design has trends which come and go, but the client, in the end, decides what they want, so a designer must always stay updated on current events.

Getting educated and obtaining a license are among the first steps in getting a job in sports as a graphic designer.

How to Get a Job

The first place to start is anything sports related.

Whether you do your own work to build a portfolio or you start working for any company that sells products or services that directly deal with sports, you will likely be getting the relevant experience needed to get a job in one of the larger companies, brands or clubs.

Like most jobs that have anything to do with graphic design, the portfolio is among the most important parts of the application process. A good portfolio will get you more than a lackluster one but with other skills and traits.

Is it Worth It?

If you like design and sports, then it is probably worth it. The pay depends on who you work for. Working for companies like Nike or Adidas pays more than a local brand which is unknown and only sells products locally.

However, getting to the top is always a challenge, there is huge competition, so expect to have to work hard in order to be even relevant enough to apply for such positions.

Sports graphics design is like most graphic design jobs, but in the world of sports. Getting there is not easy, but is fun if you enjoy the process.