Learning to Use Adobe Illustrator – Here’s What You Need to Know

Programs are tough to master, as is most technology. For people who have not grown up with technology and have to learn how to use it at an older age, something as simple as a browser might seem like an impossible task. Some programs have a steep learning curve, while others are easier to learn. 

When in doubt, it is always good to either ask or look at what advanced users do. For example, many people who are into sports betting use Betfair bonus codes, and that is why sports betting newcomers also turn to similar sites with bonus codes. 

Professional photographers and digital artists tend to use software like Adobe Illustrator to make or edit various types of digital art.

Illustrator is hard to master, but with these tips, you should have a good head start.

Look at Basic Instruction Videos

It would be difficult to make a guide in written form as to how one should use an entire software kit. However, offering general advice is doable so the first thing to do is to start watching basic tutorials.

It is good to stick with a single course when you start, so as not to forget about the basics.

Stick to a course that is detailed but doesn’t go into too much detail. You don’t need to become overwhelmed, but rather learn what the buttons do and how to use them.

Learn the Interface

Adobe does a good job of keeping their interface similar across multiple programs. Drawing and digital art programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator are similar so coming from one to another shouldn’t present one with much problems.

The quicker you become familiar with the interface, the sooner it will be out of your way. When doing art and drawing, especially in digital form, the best thing to do is to avoid technology getting in your way. Achieving this is done through being familiar with the interface.

Learning shortcuts or binding custom ones makes everything even faster.

Learn What the Terms Mean

What is a layer, when do you use it? Masks, crop and select tools? All of these things can confuse beginners and they can make things difficult. Sometimes, you don’t know that the tool you need is right there, because it is under a different name. This is why tutorials work great for beginners.

When there are issues or if a tool cannot be found, the best way to solve the problem is to search the internet for the issue at hand. Chances are, someone has already run into the problem.

Sharing and Exporting

Your art should be seen by the world. Learn how to use the exporting and sharing functions. You can share directly to social media or export the project as a file that you can send manually. Either way, learning how to prepare your media for sharing is a key step in mastering any tool, including Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is far from the world’s hardest program to learn but if you avoid the basics, it can become very difficult to start learning anew.