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Random text presentation using the AS

5.1.2010, 21:5    Total views: 29681

Read this thoroughly explained, detailed flash lesson and see how to create random text presentation using the action script code. You can use this presentation for some web site as flash banner or for some other animation. Using this lesson, you will also learn how to import any photo into a flash stage, how to type any text, convert it into a movie clip symbol, create instane name and much more! Let's start!


Step 1

First, save the photo of Taylor Swift below that we will use for this lesson.

Step 2

Create a new flash document. Press Ctrl+J key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the dimensions of your document as the dimensions of photo (400x441 px). Select any color as background color. Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 10 and click ok.

Step 3

Call the current layer photo. Double-click on its default name (Layer 1) to change it. Press Enter once you have typed in the new name!

Step 4

Choose now File > Import > Import to stage (Ctrl+R) and import a photo that you just saved in step 1 into a flash stage. While the photo is still selected, go to the Align Panel (Ctrl+K) and do the following:

1. Make sure that the Align/Distribute to Stage button is turned on,
2. Click on the Align horizontal center button and
3. Click the Align vertical center button.

Step 5

Create a new layer above the layer photo and name it text.

Step 6

Select the text layer and take the Text tool (T). Then, go to the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) below the stage, and select the following options:

a) Select a Static Text field.
b) Select a Zurich Blk BT font.
c) Choose 14 as font size.
d) Select #310654 as color.
e) As the rendering option, select Anti - alias for readability.

While the text is still selected, hit F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to convert it into a movie clip symbol.

Step 7

While the new made Movie Clip (text) is still selected, go to the Action Script Panel (F9) below the stage and enter the following action script code inside the actions panel:


Step 8

Select the text and hit Ctrl+D key (duplicate) to duplicate it few times. After that, place it on the stage on the random position. See the picture below!

We're done!

Test your movie and enjoy!


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