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Drop Rain Animation
Learn this tutorial and see how to create a drop rain animation in flash 8, on a simple way, without Action Script.

Cogwheel animation
In this tutorial, you have a chance to learn how to create cogwheel animation in flash 8 using the Action Script.

Introduction background animation
Read this tutorial and see how to create introduction background animation in flash 8. You can use this animation like flash introduction for some web site.

Sound Animation
Read this tutorial and see how to create sound animation in flash 8 without Action Script. You can use this animation for web site with sound (when the sound is active).

Advanced lightning animation
Read this tutorial and see how to create advanced lightning animation using the special flash effects. You don't have to use action script code to make this tutorial.

Misty river
Read this tutorial and see how to create misty river animation. You will also learn how to use flash filters (Blur, Bevel and Drop shadow filter) and more.

Love smiley winking
After you have create love smiley in previous tutorial, it's time for smiley winking.

UFO Animation
Have you ever seen UFO? I don't konw, but I know that this tutorial will teach you how to create UFO animation.

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AS3 what Is 'this', 'root', 'stage' and 'parent'?

Talking about the relationship between our Main class and the root/time-line of our FLA. Ok then so what Is 'this', 'root', 'stage' and 'parent'? by the end of this video you will have a basic understanding of how scope works - its only our first video in this topic..

How to Create an AJAX Drop Down Menu with PHP and MySQL

A quick tutorial to show how you can make interactive AJAX dropdown menus that are database driven. .

Create a Vintage Business Card Design in Photoshop

If you want to be a bit thematic with your business card and go vintage, you will need some special design tricks to get this done. You will find that it?s quite easy to design and customize your own knockout business card with a few free resources from the Internet. .

Drawing app in Air Android

In this tutorial I will create a simple AIR for Android drawing app with Actionscript 3. .

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