The Importance of Graphic Design

Artists are sometimes stimulated and other times scolded for their lack of pragmatism. The reason I mention this is that I want to talk about the importance of graphic design and this seems like a good place to start.


Like I’ve mentioned in the intro, we can use graphic design to make our creativity profitable in this day and age. Artists and even those with just a good sense of composition and combining certain elements can get into website design with what they already know and additional training. On a more personal level, you can use it to create your own look. Your wardrobe, hairstyle, tattoos or lack thereof – all of these convey a message. It can be that you are approachable, a rebel, a thorn without roses, that you honor a certain type of culture from the past or look towards the future. As you can see, it’s not just a matter of putting art into practice – graphic design is everywhere.


We see the art of this field everywhere we look. It is integrated into our daily lives. Every logo, ad, and website employs some type of graphic design. Playful cartoon characters, mighty animals of the sky and land, and others are there to invoke emotions and draw in the crowd.

There are salespeople that will claim that businesses are not selling products and services. They are selling ideas and emotions. The feelings of patriotism, nostalgia, sorrow, confidence, and happiness are regularly present in video and printed ads. Graphic design helps us make viewers feel something and act in an expected way.

Company Image

It’s not just marketing for the sake of capitalism that benefits from the proper design. It is the brand. Do you want a company to seem like a place of business, or a family-oriented and nurturing environment? Does your company believe in getting stuff done, or does it push the idea of it being unrestrictive of their employees?

Imagine being a young and creative, but not too disciplined, person looking for work. The idea of going into a stuffy office, wearing a suit that limits your movement seems like a nightmare, doesn’t it? If the brand portrays itself as the one avoiding this atmosphere, you are more likely to consider getting a job there, which benefits all.


Graphic design also plays a huge role in education and nurture. It is how children learn about the world through cartoons, computer games, and books with their favorite characters. While this may seem overly simplified, it needs to be, at least at first. It also makes learning more interactive and fun, which makes the knowledge provided easily taken in.

On a personal note, I remember when I was a teenager and my younger brother showed me his textbooks. While mine were just text, his involved illustrations, photographs, and even comics. I remember saying to him that I would have been much more interested in certain subjects had I had his textbooks at the time.