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UFO Animation

2.10.2006, 22:40    Total views: 42713

Have you ever seen UFO? I don't know, but I know that this tutorial will teach you how to create UFO animation.You will also learn how to design flying saucer, how to convert it into a Movie Clip Symbol, how to animate it and more.

Step 1

Create a new flash document and set fps to 32 (Frames per Second).

Step 2

Then, insert some picture in flash, which you will use as background. (You can also download my picture).

Step 3

Click on frame 85 and press F5.

Step 4

Now, it's time for flying saucer. Insert a new layer and name it flyingSaucer. Look at the picture below, and see how to create flying saucer in few steps.

Take the Paint Bucket Tool (K), and paint this:

Step 5

Select your "flying saucer" and press F8 on the keyboard, to Convert it into a Movie Clip.

After that, set your "flying saucer" on the position like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 6

Click on frame 20, and set the "flying saucer" on this position:

Step 7

Then, click on frame 80 and set "flying saucer" on this position:

Step 8

Click on frame 85, and set "flying saucer" on this position:

Step 9

Select the flyingSaucer layer, open the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3), and under Tween choose Motion.

We're done!

Test your Movie! (Ctrl+Enter).

Download source file (.fla)

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